On Timing and Duration

An exhibition on the duration of art and the time of its spectators

Exhibition visitors take on average just eleven seconds to view a work of art. How then can long or slow works of art be exhibited and in spite of our short attention span still be taken in? In this exhibition, 14 artists from nine countries deal with the themes of timing and duration within different media such as video, photography, installation, sound and performance. Many of the works are process-based and change over the course of the exhibition – which in itself can therefore be seen as a two-week process. The exhibition encourages us to consciously observe our own behaviour as visitors. To engage with the works and the time they require. To wait and observe, or to miss the key moment.

With the artists:
Mahdad Alizadeh
Miguel Azuaga
Leila Benbaouche
Amanda Elena Conrad
Jean-Philippe Dordolo
Katarzyna Guzowska
Tina Griffith
Georgia Ioakimidis­-MacDougall
Gregor Kasper
Li Linhui
Natalie Obert
Isabell Schulte
Katja Stoye-Cetin
Jiaying Wu